12 de maig 2006

més llumetes europees !

La Comissió europea continua els seus treballs per reforçar la participació i els processus democràtics de decisió. Vegeu una de les propostes del eGovernment Action Plan pel 2006-2010:

Democratic decision-making and participation face several challenges. Across Europe (nonmandatory) voter turnout at national and European level is generally low. Decision-making is often felt to have become more complex, involving more parties and interests and more difficult trade-offs. Citizens are becoming ever better informed and are demanding greater involvement. Governments are seeking to build wide and inclusive support for public policies to ensure effective implementation and avoid new democratic and societal divides. Better decision-making and more extensive involvement of citizens in all phases of democratic decision-making, including at European level, are critical for the cohesion of European society.

At the same time there are new opportunities: in particular, ICT has great potential to involve large numbers of citizens in public debate and decision-making, from municipal to European level. The Internet has already led to new forms of political expression and public debate such as blogs.

The European Commission’s role is to enable cooperation at European level, notably in eParticipation, to increase understanding, to accelerate progress by sharing re-usable solutions from across the world, and to support, by means of ICT, the transparency of European institutions and the involvement of citizens.

The Commission will test ICT-based tools that facilitate transparency and public involvement in democratic decision-making and support exchanges of experience.

COM(2006) 173 final de 25.04.2006