09 de febrer 2013

Des de les coulisses bruxelloises

Després dels acords del Consell d'ahir, el Secretari General, Uwe Corsepius, informa tots els funcionaris:
. . .
A key item affecting all of us is the administrative expenditure, agreed at the level of € 61 629 billion.
This is € 1,5 billion less than the original Commission proposal. On this Heading, the European Council said that this new ceiling would include, inter alia, the effects of the following savings:
  • A reduction applied to all EU institutions, bodies, agencies and their administrations of 5% in staff over the period 2013-2017. This shall be compensated by an increase in working hours without salary adjustment.
  • As part of the reform of the Staff Regulations, the adjustment of salaries and pensions of all staff through the salary method will be suspended for two years and the new solidarity levy will be reintroduced at a level of 6% as part of the reform of the salary method.
. . .

Aprofito per penjar una nota de Jean Quatremer, corresponsal a BXL de Libération, que retrata força bé el clima dominant entre els meus ex-colegues: